Budlong Elementary 2701 W. Foster Ave. Chicago, IL 60625 Ph. 773-534-2591 fax 773-534-2544

Budlong Elementary School Parents

School Fees $40 K-7th and $70 8th Grade.
Here, parents will be able to log in to Parent Portal to check on their children's grades and keep informed with upcoming meetings or special events.  Also to see our school supplies list.
LSC Members
Parents: Joann Balroop (ChairPerson), Joy Cleland,  Omar Rodriguez, Eugenia Lialios, Yasmin Ghuylmi
Teachers:  Sandra Moy-Lai, Anna Garbis (secretary)
Non-teaching staff:  Vicky Hallm
Community:  Peter Trivizas, Scott Richard 
Principal:  Naomi Nakayama

Meeting Schedule

  • PTA meetings are at 9 AM every 3rd Thursday of the month with the PAC meeting immediately following.
    (Click for Calendar)

NCLB Fund Documents for Parents
NCLB Title 1


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